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[High-tech Eco-friendly Bird damage reduction agent]

Harmful animals to Nature

To Nature
Rodent repellent

To Nature small animal damage reducer is a product developed to reduce the damage from various small animals.

Target pests
Small animals damaging the warehouses, garbage dumps, etc.
Superior safety and avoidance effect using materials derived from plants that harmful animals avoid
Easily installed in various places and the fragrance spreading out widely
Approximately 2 months after installation
100 pyeong (3.305785m2) allowed to be used per one Product available (varies depending on the environment)
6 pcs per box / 250 GRS per pcs, Inc. 90 separate containers

250 GRS, 35 separate containers, Inc. 45 racks of containers


Material Technology

Stimulating Senses of Olfactory 

- Adding natural ingredients with unique scent and materials to stimulate wild animals’ taste

Formulation Technology

MineralsStrengthening stability and sustainability of effective substances with carrier technology by using minerals


  1. Please clean the place where the harmful animals appear before the product installation (access road, damage area)

  2. Please open the product after wearing gloves, mask, and etc.

  3. Install the product evenly at the place where the harmful animal appears, the area around it, the edge, the area where any household goods are usually piled up, and the area where damage is expected.

  4. If the fragrance diminishes or the damage of the harmful animal increases, exchange it for a new product.

[List of Reference]    

▪ Not being a hook type product, our product can be installed anywhere and evenly over a wide radius.

   *Based on our company test: If you use 1 pack of product (500 GRS) with a width of 2 CMS, you can install it in an area of about 100㎡ (about 30 pyeong).

   - This test is based on the conditions without any obstacles. If there are obstacles such as boxes and luggage in the installation space as shown in the above drawing, there may occur some differences.

 ▪ It can be used conveniently at any place, such as corners, surrounding areas where things are piled up, or narrow spaces.

 ▪ When installing the product indoors, please distribute it evenly so that it spreads as much as possible.