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Capsule Detergent?
A convenient high-concentration capsule-type detergent that does not require special weighing like liquid detergent or powder detergent, and can be washed immediately with just one pill.
It is a detergent that prevents abuse of detergent, keeps the detergent dispenser clean, and anyone can wash easily and conveniently.

Why should we use it?
It solves the inconvenient washing process at once.
Convenience, Simplicity, Highly Concentrated

No separate weighing required
Just put one pods! That’s all!
Save time by not having to put fabric softener in the middle
Prevention of contamination of detergent dispenser



Capsule detergent


Color Catcher Sheet


Dryer Fabric Softener Sheet 40ea

(Lavender & Cotton Blossom)

Laundry Sachet 20g

(Lilac Blossom & Cotton Bebe)