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[ Eco-friendly Bird Damage Reduction Agent ]
To Nature 
Bird Free

Easy to use in all areas damaged by birds
Bird Free is a bird damage reduction agent developed to
 reduce the damage of structures from various birds.

Product Features
Target pests
Harmful birds (pigeons, magpies, etc.) that damage buildings, crops, structures, etc.
Safe ingredients included in the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) GRAS List
Higher safety and avoidance efficacy by using natural materials for avoiding birds
Convenient products!
Easy to install and not needing to be reinstalled for 2 years
No change in material properties at -20~80℃  (Contact us for working temperature)
Effective for 2 years
100 pyeong (3.3m2) allowed to be used per one product available (varies depending on the environment)
Product TypeCartridge Type
250g per cartridge /6 Cartridges per box
 Components: 15ea dishes + 1 nozzle per cartridge
DIY Type_15 pcs
15 dishes per box / 15g per dish(20g in gross)
 Inc. 15 pcs of 3M adhesive tape
DIY Type_6 pcs
6 dishes per box / 15g per dish(20g in gross)
Inc. 6 pcs of 3M adhesive tape


Material Technology

Stimulating Senses of Olfactory and Taste

- Adding unique favors that birds avoid and materials that stimulates the taste birds dislike

Stimulating Tactile Sensation
- Stimulating Tactile Sensation when approaching by adding sticky materials

Stimulating Sense of Sight
- Utilizing the different cognitive light of birds with photoreceptors capable of recognizing ultraviolet rays

Formulation Technology

- Maintaining stability over a wide range of temperature changes and Keeping constant repellent effects
- Preventing water repellency and water loss by forming an oil film on the surface of contents


Cartridge Type


DIY Type